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HPOVSD 4.5 support ends in 2009?

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Jan Gunnar Helg
Honored Contributor.

HPOVSD 4.5 support ends in 2009?

At least thats what Ive heard at seminars etc.

Is there any official statement/documentation from HP regarding this?
Jay Mistry
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: HPOVSD 4.5 support ends in 2009?

Hi Jan

I haev heard the same information from various parts of HP but I have also heard that the EOF for Service Desk 4.5 may also be extended beyond this point but obviously HP representatives wont tell you that as they are pushing for customers to move to SM7.

Typically all the support lifecycle information can be found at this link
but I cant see any mention of HP Service Desk 4.5

Hope this helps abit.

Mark O'Loughlin
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: HPOVSD 4.5 support ends in 2009?

There is some light at the end of the tunnel - HP may extend the support but are quite about it. Maybe they are waiting to see how org's deal with the moving from OVSD to SM7.