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HPOVSD 4.5 client on windows server 2008

Jan Gunnar Helg
Senior Member

HPOVSD 4.5 client on windows server 2008

Hi I understand that the 4.5 client is not officially supported on windows server 2008 as MSJVM is obsolete.


But I was wondering if anyone here have been able to sucsessfully install/run it nevertheless? And if so, how?


Client 2008 is not an option for us, it lacks too many features.

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Re: HPOVSD 4.5 client on windows server 2008

The application server, agent, servicepages server, WebConsole server, and Client 2008 use Sun (Oracle) Java.

Only the "old" / "legacy" client uses MS J++ (MSJVM), which doesn't support on Vista or Windows 7 anymore. But the MSJVM can still be installed on XP, 2003, 2005, 2008


For the application server, Windows 2008 32-bit is supported since sp35 (see ITSM009828 in the release notes), and 64-bit is supported since sp38 (ITSM009855). Note that the application server is still a 32-bit java program, so use the 32-bit release of JRE/JDK 6.0, even on 64-bit OS.


The above applies to Windows 2008 "R1", but there is also Windows 2008 R2 which comes as 64-bit only.


Although not officially supported, there are customers who managed to install and run the 32-bit app-server with 32-bit Java 6 on Windows 2008 R2 successfully.



Which Client 2008 features are lacking for you? The Differences Guide explains about differences in layout, forms, views, but those should not be serious. The single biggest advantage of Client 2008 is that it works on Windows 7, whereas the legacy client doesn't.



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Jan Gunnar Helg
Senior Member

Re: HPOVSD 4.5 client on windows server 2008



I only need the HPOVSD 4.5 client to be running on server 2008. Have anyone on this forum been able to? And if so what is required to do it?


I cant recall what Client 2008 was lacking, but when I tried it 3 years ago it was very clear that it could not compare with the old client.

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