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HPOV Webconsole error with Tomcat

Vercammen Sven
New Member.

HPOV Webconsole error with Tomcat


I just tried to install the webconsole (sp24) for our OV.
I can see that OVApache is running, but OVTomcat can't be started.
When checking the URL http://localhost:8080/ovportal I get the message

The servlet container is temprary unavailable or being upgraded...

J2RE1.4.2_14 is installed.
-->Webconsole is installed on a separate server.

In the Errorlog I can also see that apache is looking for a file in .../apache/htdocs/admin but there is no admin dir in htdocs ?

Con someone hlep me ?

Kind regards,

Sven Vercammen