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HPOV Service Desk 5.0 licences

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HPOV Service Desk 5.0 licences

I am making a design for HPOV Service Desk 5.0 and would like to know the components that I need to install/procure licence for. The following are the components to my knowledge
1. HPOV Service Desk management software v 5.0 for application server
2. Service pages 5.0
3. Oracle 10g R1 for CMDB
4. SD client 5.0
5. Apache webserver AS 10g 9.0.4 and Tomcat Servlet engine
Do I need to explicitly install Java Webstart client and webconsole as well or do they come as default. Are there any otehr components I need to list for installation? Any info is appreciated
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: HPOV Service Desk 5.0 licences


also chek with your local hp rep for the latest details but here is a summary. hope it helps.

Procure License for the Modules

Change Management

Service Pages - does not require an additional license either for the module or for user logins. However SP users are restricted to logging and viewing service calls.

Webconsole - does not require a module licens but users will need to be licensed with either a named or concurrent license to be able to use web console.

User Licenses:
Concurrent - any user assigned a cincurrent license can assess the licensed modules as lond as there is an available pool of unused concurrent connections.
You will have a smaller number of concurrent licenses that you have actual users of the system

Named - user will be able to log on regardless of how many other users are connected. You need 1 named license per account that you want to assign a named license to.
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Re: HPOV Service Desk 5.0 licences

Thank you for the response. Could you enlighten me on the Java Webstart client as well.....Is there any specific software that I need to list in order to install the components of HPSD listed in my first message post.

I am under the impression that I can access Java Webstart client from a web browser.
Rytis Damalakas
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Re: HPOV Service Desk 5.0 licences

Java web start is the same service desk client, but just accessible with web browser using java technology "java web start". And it was forgotten, that you need licences for services, which are monitored by metric adapters (all metric adapters except metric adapter, which collects service desk metrics)