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HP Service Desk 5.0

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HP Service Desk 5.0


Those of you who have evaluated the beta of HP SD 5.0, could you let me know, which functionalities are better in 5.0 when compared with 4.5 version , and what are the different short-comings of 4.5 that have been addressed in 5.0 version

I have a specific query on creating additional tables and fields, which gives lot of flexibility to the tool, in terms of adding various master tables that we might require for various implementations.

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: HP Service Desk 5.0

Hello Kumar,

sorry, I don't have the answer you

But I have a question, and I think it is pretty clear and has been posted many times here on this forum, but I haven't really got an answer.

So the question would be:

Has Service desk 5.0 been oficially released yet ??

Best regards

Roman Frolin
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Re: HP Service Desk 5.0

Ruth Porter
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Re: HP Service Desk 5.0

Hi there,

SD 5.0 was made available on 22/12/05 and most of the enhancements are concerned with Service Level Management. It is a total rewrite of SD and has a completely different look and feel.

The first relaease will only be for new customers and a version with tools for migration from 4.5 are scheduled for second half of 2006.

Hope this helps