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HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5 SP25

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Bradley Richman
Frequent Contributor.

HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5 SP25

We have upgraded our TEST server to SP25. Once we did that, our emails to open support requests are failing, stating that the PRIORITY and TARGET DATE are missing. We're using custom templates (that work in the SP23 server - PRODUCTION)and have the PRIORITY preset. We have looked at everything in our configuration and cannot figure out the problem. We want to upgrade our PRODUCTION server to SP25, but will not until we are sure that our automated SR generation via email is not going to break. I have attached an excerpt from our server log file. The text in red within this attachment is what is being emailed back to me in response to the error. Thank you.
Vasily Kamenev
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5 SP25

My recomendation: create one new template and use in test.
But your update passed without errors?

Bradley Richman
Frequent Contributor.

Re: HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5 SP25

I've tried that. I created a brand new template, from scratch, then related to an inbound email address that we've setup on our mail server. Everytime I email that address to auto-generate a support request, I get the same error message:

The E-mail you sent has not resulted in registration/update of a Service Call.
The following error(s) occurs:
For support request the following fields are required:

Target date.
David Borojevic
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5 SP25

Hi Brad,

We have the same problem but we have just upgraded to SP23 and this issue has slipped through. If you resolved this I would love to know how.

David Borojevic
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5 SP25

Hi Again,

We have implemented a workaround. The inbound email call template has been given a service (service is not mandatory on creation here) and provided that Service is linked with an SLA all is good.

It appears the without the service, the priority and offset we had for deadline were being removed and these are mandatory fields.

I couldn't find a change request that matched this but I suspect that it has been changed to try and use a SLA to set priority and deadline for incoming emails?

Jeff Barske
Valued Contributor.

Re: HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5 SP25

We had to get a hot fix from HP to resolve this. ITSM009366-9541.
This hot fix also contains the Exchange 2007 not able to create service calls from emails with attachments bug.
After installing the hot fix go to the administrator console, system panel, e-mail, E-mail Priority Mapping tab and blank out the low, normal, and high priorities.
The hot fix works as follows:
The template priority is ignored and is determined by the template service's SLA/BIL and the Impact set in the template.
This is for SP25. The exchange 2007 attachment issue is fixed in SP26.
David Borojevic
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5 SP25

Thanks Jeff,

My issue is that setting the service vie the template seems stupid - you do not know the service and by setting it, support staff will ignore the fact that it is wrong. I would rather leave it blank.

I might have a special service just for incoming emails and then use a UI rule to remove it immediately thus forcing support staff to select the correct service?

Brad - if your still there can you give Brad some point for me.