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HP OVSD 4.5 SP20 : CIs in Workorders

Kashif Masood_1
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HP OVSD 4.5 SP20 : CIs in Workorders


Is it possible to view/show in Service Pages all the related CIs of a workorder.

We have a requirement to process certain approvals via workorder, therefore on the client we create the approval via workorder and also relate the respective CIs in the same workorder, the approval page for the workorder in service pages does not show the CIs, Is there a way we can bring the respective CIs in service pages for the workorder.If yes, please provide some guidelines. Thanks in advance.
Radovan Skolnik
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Re: HP OVSD 4.5 SP20 : CIs in Workorders

Well it is possible. The guidelines are:

*) See the source code of existing Service Pages.
*) For that you have to know these techologies: Java, JSP and SD WEB-API

So you just need to modify the Service Pages to show you what you need - i.e. JSP coding. The way to do it is via WEB-API, which is Java coding.

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Re: HP OVSD 4.5 SP20 : CIs in Workorders


I have made this modification once in the jsp page, here his the code you should have a look:
assuming that you are in a code where wo is an opened Work order object.

IWorkorderCI[] affectedCIs = null;
try { affectedCIs=wo.getConfigurationItems(); } catch (Throwable ignore) { ; }
if (affectedCIs!=null)
if (affectedCIs.length>0)

Affected CIs

IWorkorderCI tmpWCI=null;
for (int aCIiterator=0 ; aCIiterator {

<%=IWorkCIHome.getLabelConfigurationItem()%> Description Status
<%= tmpWCI.getConfigurationItem().getSearchcode().toString() %> <%= tmpWCI.getConfigurationItem().getName1().toString() %> <%= tmpWCI.getConfigurationItem().getStatus().getText() %>