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HP OV SD 5.1

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Occasional Contributor

HP OV SD 5.1

hi ,

we are using HPOV Service Desk ver 5.1 on Win2k3 server (SP1) running on Oracle Database.
often twice a week 3-4 services in SD Mgmt server stops.we have to manually start the service or reinstall the HPOV SD server .

Since it is an new installation we can bear the downtime as of now .

Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: HP OV SD 5.1

Hi Ullas,

What do the logs say? Thet are ususally in C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\data\log on a windows system.

Have a look there and if that does not help contact HP.

Hope this helps, Ruth
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP OV SD 5.1

hi Ruth ,

Thanks for your input , i will check the logs once the services stops and revert back.

thanks and regards ,
Frequent Visitor

Re: HP OV SD 5.1

Hey Ullas,

Whatever the logs say, just contact HP. Contact your account rep and kick up a fuss. We did that back in January, and the problems are still occuring. We crash at least once a week and lately 2 - 4 times.

What I'm saying is... if its going to take them 8 months to chip away at the problem, better to call them sooner than later.

Occasional Contributor

Re: HP OV SD 5.1

Hi Ruth ,

I will call up the HP service desk and mail then the log .
Since it is a new installation we have some more time to go within the problem.

Thanks for your suggestion,

Thanks and regards
Joe Knudsen
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP OV SD 5.1

I think HP is giving up on SD and putting the effort into Service Center. We are using HP SD 4.5 SP 17 plus hotfixes and is now reliable. You are in a difficult spot with SD 5.1. You could go backwards to 4.5 or forwards to Service Center (which is not equivalent to Service Desk) or keep working with them on 5.1 but I afraid they may not be that responsive.
Trust Jesus
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP OV SD 5.1

hi Joe ,

Thanks for the information ,the customer has already purchased the License for HPOV SD 5.1along with client license .we need to check with the customer how they want to take it forward.

thanks and regards

Re: HP OV SD 5.1


We did several instalations for our clients and they are working quite stable and alot problems we found were because of bad configuration so not everything is lost :)

could you check these things:
1. upgrade to sp4 - from sp2/3 sd became alot more stable
2. which services stop? We had some problems with services related to slm because wrong slm server addres was entered.
3. did you changed server name or ip address recently? if yes, then maybe old server address is still somewhere there (sheduled task, metric calculation, metric adapters)
4. if slmdimexp service stopped, it is ok, because you manualy invoke metric description export.
5. how much instances run on server?maybe they are not setup correctly?

Geir Breimo
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP OV SD 5.1

Same issues. Make a fuss with HP if your contract permits, but expect no final solution. Rebooting daily solves some problems but in 6 months nobody's been able to figure out why our ovpi slm exports just stops.. Have to face it - unlucky to end up with a software version that is not complete and that the vendor has no commitment to fix..
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