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Generic Incoming/Outgoing Relations

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Generic Incoming/Outgoing Relations

Hi All,

I wanted to know how to use Generic Incoming/Outgoing Relations. I know one use of it that can be used in UI rules in Value Change event with the action "Limit value range by relations'.
Is there any other applicability for these?
How are these different from normal Relations ?
Please provide any document for this if anyone has it.

Thanks in Advance...
George M. Meneg
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Re: Generic Incoming/Outgoing Relations

Using generic relations you can relate any entity to any entity.

Some typical uses are:
1. Dynamic Forms
2. Limit value range
3. Relate Service Call to other Service Calls (change to changes, incident to incidents etc)

You can find the documentation on sd45_sp20_addendum_en.pdf
menes fhtagn
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Re: Generic Incoming/Outgoing Relations


Please tell me if the same field we enable in the form SC/WO/Inci etc then how we can utilize it? Any examples