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FrontOffice Role

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FrontOffice Role

Hello all...

I need to create a new role and call it FrontOffice,any user with this role should be able to work with the following workspaces only:

1- Service Today
2- Service Desk workspace
3- Organization
4- CMBD [ CI only, no Maintenance contract]

and I need to control the access rights for that role in the way I want.

In the Role dialog box, I selected the the desired workspaces in the 'workspaces tab',and the corresponding objects with the desired access rights in the 'Objects tab', but unfortunatly , when the user with that role enters his console he got something else !.

How I can create my own role with a specisfic access to workspaces and objects?!.

Thanks a lot...

Ken Briscoe
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Re: FrontOffice Role

I assume you are referring to V5. IF it's V5.0 base product, then changes to Workspaces in roles don't take effect until you shutdown, clear the server cache then restart. Known bug....could that be your problem?

Also, make sure the user's role has access to at least one form and view for each entity otherwise that entity won't appear in the workspace.
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Re: FrontOffice Role

Hi Ken,

Sorry for the delay, Yes I was talking about SD 5.0, I did as what you said and it works fine now...thanks a lot :).