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Format Control - Display Full Name of Assignment

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Jim Tibbetts

Format Control - Display Full Name of Assignment

Hey Everyone,

Hopefully this should be a pretty simple question.

We are using the out of the box assignments in Service Manger 7.0 and then we added a field to show the primary assigned individual. Once you select the assignment, it only displays the Operators in that Assignment.

It's pulling over the userid (operators from the assignment table) and I'd like it to display the full name.

I have attached a screen shot of what I'd like it to look like. Primary Assigned Individual should look the same as Created By.

I did in $file=$lo.ufname
This obviously keeps putting my name in the field regardless of who I select.

I know this is some pretty basic stuff - I appreciate any help on this one!
Jacob Heubner
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Format Control - Display Full Name of Assignment

What you're looking for is defined in the link record for this form. Look for the link entry that matches the field you're looking at.

Type link in the command window and you can search for the link record you're looking for. (For some reason, I can't download your attachment, so I'm not sure if you're trying to edit the assignment form or the incident form. If it's the assignment form, then the link is assignment. If it's the Incident forms, it's probsummary).

Again, depending on which link record you're looking for, the instructions will be a little different.

You're looking for the link entry that references that (in the probsummary link) or the operator (in the assignment link). Select the line, and from the Option drop-down, click "select line". This will take you to a detail-level look at that link entry.

In the Source | Target array, instead of pulling the "name" from the operator table, you want to pull the "" back.

Hope that helps.
Jim Tibbetts

Re: Format Control - Display Full Name of Assignment

Thank you for your help! That worked!