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Form localization for Bahasa Malaysia

Senior Member

Form localization for Bahasa Malaysia

I need to make the fields of a form to use another local language (Bahasa Malaysia).

HP doesnt have a localised pack for this. However, they did send me a document on how to add my own language and make mappings.I think this is to localize the entire software. Not something which I think is required since i am only requried to localize to forms.

My question is:

Do I modify the exisitng all default fields to my language?
Should I create a new set of custom fields to accomodate to it? I do realize certain default fields would still need to be modified. But what are the performance outcome of having a lot of custom fields.

Using OVSD 4.5 SP19 and w2K3.
Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: Form localization for Bahasa Malaysia


I think the idea of the language localizations is to have only ONE set of forms, but many languages available for the labels of the fields, the messages, etc. You just need to say which language each user should see. You should not need to modify your forms at all.

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Re: Form localization for Bahasa Malaysia

Hi Josh,

Because there aren't any language set which i can chooose from, what i had in mind was to modify the fields.

For eg:
Admin Console > Presentation > Forms > Service Call

Open any of the existing forms, use the 'Rename' function to change it to the language i want.

eg: 'Caller' renamed to 'Pemanggil'

The language doesnt have special characters, it uses the same alphabets like english, jus spelled differently.

My concern, how much impact will it have on the system if I did that?

Coz when I 'rename' it, it will be changed in the Localized text right?

Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: Form localization for Bahasa Malaysia

For me the question is whether you need to have the forms in multiple languages - that is, do you have some users who need English, others who need Bahasa Malaysia, etc.

If so, the simplest would be to follow H-P's system for creating a new language.

Another possibility is the use a language that already exists, but which you are sure you will never use, and translate the labels there (still a risky approach).

If you decide NOT to do that, then you can create dynamic forms, based on some field that allows you to distinguish the users' language preference. The impact of doing this is:
- twice the work to maintain the forms;
- need to maintain a UI rule and a generic relation;
- in our experience, their is a performance hit when dynamic forms are used

If you need only one language, and you will NEVER use the default language, then you can change the labels in the forms - but WARNING! you are changing the labels in the default language (probably English), so you lose the English labels definitively.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event