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Fields in Email Templates are blank

Stephen Ellis_2
Super Collector

Fields in Email Templates are blank

SD4.5 SP17:
In the Change Approval Notification email template we have the Approval initiator, Approval Description and Approval deadline in there but when the email is received the Description and Deadline are blank. Other fields included all populate fine.

I wrote a test DB rule to mimic the action and the correct information came through using identical field names which I pasted back to template to double check. This is the same for Workorders (approval not used in other modules so I haven'y checked).
Has anyone else experienced & fixed this?
Jonathon Druce
Honored Contributor

Re: Fields in Email Templates are blank

Getting the same error so I would suggest that there is a fault that needs reporting. Tested on SP17.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event