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Fields in CI forms

Karin Marx

Fields in CI forms

Hi. I'm new to Service Desk (thanks to our admin that quit and I was asked to take over) and I have not yet attended training. :(

I have looked in the various documentation for 4.5 and cannot find what I need. I'm hoping that you can help.

My manager wants me to tell him what the field limits are for CI categories. We have 4 levels within CI categories. I need to tell him what restrictions are on those fields. I've poked around a bit in the Admin console, but it isn't very clear. I even did a data dictionary dump but can't figure it out.

Can you please tell me where to read about this and/or how I should gather this info for my manager.

Thank you,

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Re: Fields in CI forms

Hello Karin,

Can you be more specific? Are you looking for the maximum number of levels, categories, characters etc.

Maybe you are looking for limit value range from the UI rules?

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Karin Marx

Re: Fields in CI forms

I hope this clears up what I am asking.

The company is limiting CI categories to 4 deep. As an example; 1-Process, 2-Process Team, 3-CI, 4-CI optional level.

So as an example; Process CI, HR Process, Employee Self Service, Change of address.

I need to know the limits for each of those levels for field entry and field type. I need to just tell the manager what restrictions are in place for these fields (and other fields). If the level 3 has a 24 character limit and the level 4 has a 255 character limit I need to report that. I also should try to tell him what the field type is???

Hope that helps you solve my problem.

Robert S. Falko
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Re: Fields in CI forms


I am not sure if you are talking about (1) the category field itself, or about (2) the effect of selecting a category on other CI fields.

If (1), all categories are equivalent. It makes no difference what level you are on. I think the name of a category is limited to 255 characters. This is why you do not see this sort of information in the data dictionary.

If (2), there are no effects of the sort you are describing. There are only two potential effects of selecting a category:
a) making certain custom fields active or inactive;
b) triggering a UI or DB rule

I hope this answers your question.

Ken Briscoe
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Re: Fields in CI forms

Hi Karin,
Josiah is correct - the category text field itself is 255 chars regardless of what level it is at. There is no limit on the number of categories within each level except that the longer the list the more unfriendly to users it is.
Very tough being given HPSD Admin without training though - not the easiest tool to pick up as you go. Good luck.
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