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Field "RemainUntilDeadline" must generated with support hours

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Alexey Dukov
Frequent Visitor

Field "RemainUntilDeadline" must generated with support hours

Hi all!

I would like to know, how we can generate in Workorders field "RemainUntilDeadline" which automatically updates, when we place in field
"deadline" some date.
Now my support hours are not valid on this field.
I'll tried to use "OpeningHours" in workgroups, set my hours, and in general options set " Opening Hours Calendar of Assignent Workgrous For All Items", but field not callulated by mu scheme.
(illustration in attachment)

HP SD OV 4.5 SP18

Best regards,
Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: Field "RemainUntilDeadline" must generated with support hours


I understand your question to be the following: How can OVSD calculate the working hours (taking into accout the workgroup schedules) left to the deadline for a work order?

I do not believe that OVSD can do what you want out of the box. Remember that the workgroup opening hours concept is used for planning purposes. If you set your deadline based on this, that is one thing. However, your organization may decide to work "overtime" to meet the deadline.

If you really need this logic, then you must program it yourself, including the regular update of the value, and use the WebAPI to update some custom fields.

Good luck,
Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: Field "RemainUntilDeadline" must generated with support hours

Hi Alexey,

The setting "Opening Hours Calendar of Assignment Workgroup" only affects the Planned Start, finish and duration settings.

You could use business logic to use these fields (e.g. set planned finish to the value in Deadline and planned start to current time and then planned duration will have the value you want. But you need to make such a rule be obeyed any time you want to see the value.

Hope this helps

Alexey Dukov
Frequent Visitor

Re: Field "RemainUntilDeadline" must generated with support hours

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event