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Faulty Openview account (4.5 SP12)

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Peter J Gray
Respected Contributor.

Faulty Openview account (4.5 SP12)


I have come across a users account which when I was requested to add it to the CAB group for approvals, I found that the user account could only see Changes with Read Only permissions. I cross checked the users account against the Person Record & after troubleshooting the issue had to create a new account as a workround.
Main Problems were as follows:
1. New CAB member could not approve changes
2. New account could only approve new changes & not retrospective changes
3. On new account if user approves or rejects account they cannot set it back to blank.

Any suggestions on what si causing this would be appreciated.


Mark O'Loughlin
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Faulty Openview account (4.5 SP12)

Hi Peter,

should you be added the users person record to the CAB group. You would not relate the actual account to the work group.

1) Maybe due to the above
2) That is correct because the the time that the retrospective change was saved only the person records associated with the change were related to the approval section
3) Does the user set the chaneg to inactive within the approval section. If not the user will not be able to reset the approval voting.