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FSC - Forward Schedule of Change

Bo Pyskow

FSC - Forward Schedule of Change

Does SD4.5 SP17 support this.
ANd how is it set up?
And if i want to set it up on a web page, how is that done.

If anyone knows or have any links to infor about it, please tell, i would be very happy.
Marc Hummel
Frequent Visitor

Re: FSC - Forward Schedule of Change

You really need to elaborate a little more, not clear what it is you need to do.

Does it support FSC? Sure, define your process, develop OVSD to capture what you need. create a view tha t has the necessary fields for change in it. Does it do FSC for you, no.

How is it set up? In the change section of OVSD using UI/DB rules.

Set up on a web page? Sure, develop one (a web page) via something like .net/.asp and connect to the OVSD DB to pull data into the web form. Can you set up a web page with the FSC listing from OVSD? Yes, create the view needed and export to html...

good luck.
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Re: FSC - Forward Schedule of Change

We are running 5.1, however I have used the Planned Start/Planned Finish fields as the main drivers for this. The database has a pre-defined view for change that make it easy to pull this data. I did the prototyping using Crystal Reports and we will be posting a dynamic version on our intranet. In OVSD I also built a view in the change module. I have found grouping by CI to be helpful.

Yeah, I thought HP would provide something OOTB as well ;-)

Good Luck
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: FSC - Forward Schedule of Change


planned start and finish are the main attributes to get a FSC. Add in additional details that you want. You can build a specific FSC view and assign to all users. You would need a application capable of getting the data and presenting it on a web page.
Bo Pyskow

Re: FSC - Forward Schedule of Change

Thanks all, this gives me something to work with.
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