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Extend deadline when assigned workgroup change

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Extend deadline when assigned workgroup change

Does any one need to extend deadline when assigned workgroup change?

If need? what SLA/Service for?...

Mariana Flinta
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Re: Extend deadline when assigned workgroup change

Hi Kriengsak,
I change deadline when service call changes to Waiting status.
I do this setting two custom fields: start waiting, set by a db rule to sysdate when status waiting is set; and waiting duration, that is set when the service call leaves the waiting status (sysdate - start waiting).
When the second field is set (that is: the field changes from nothing to something) then a second db rule adds this duration to the value of Max Duration (changing this field changes Deadline), and then clean Waiting Duration field.

The rule:
When service call is modified
where NOT (SerDuration1 (*) is empty)
Change deadline (Update Data) Max. duration set to ( [Max. duration] + [SerDuration1]); SerDuration1 set to (Empty)

Hope this helps.

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