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Exporting language pack from Service Desk? Possible?

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Exporting language pack from Service Desk? Possible?

I would like to import a new language into Service Desk.

I have noticed you can edit the XML and import it into Service Desk using data exchange. This all works well, except for our custom fields and codes.

I noticed when you create a new language pack it copies your default language as all the labels, codes, fields etc.

Is it possible to export the current language from Service Desk into XML format. Essentially what I want to do is this….

1. Create a new language in Service Desk (French) … as part of this process our English labels, codes, fields etc will be copied to the French language pack.
2. I then want to export the French language pack (which is actually in English) to XML format that can be imported.
3. I have written a script that will replace all the fields in the XML from English to there French equivalent (referencing a CSV source file for finding and replacing)
4. I then want to import the modified language pack, so that I can update ALL fields in the language pack in one XML / Data Exchange import.

The reason for wanting to do is like this, is so I don’t have to update codes and custom fields manually. The only thing I require assistance with is exporting the current language to XML, from Service Desk?
Is this possible??
George M. Meneg
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Re: Exporting language pack from Service Desk? Possible?

Hello Dan,

Yes, this is possible. Just create a new data exchange task, check "Export data from a storage device", select "sd_lang.ini" as Export configuration, select a file as "Exchange file"
(if the file doesn't exist it will be created, if it exists it will be overwriten).

Make sure that "Import data into service desk database" is NOT checked.

This will export the language specified in the "sd_lang.ini". The default is en so make sure that you edit the LANG_OID in the ini first. US English is 1033, so you must find the lang_oid for french (1036 according to

Now importing it back is another thing. I haven't done this and I don't know how easy it is.
menes fhtagn
Ivan Sakharov
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Re: Exporting language pack from Service Desk? Possible?

Importing is rather easy. In data exchange task you must:
1. uncheck "export data..."
2. select your xml file with localization that you obtain after export in the field "exchange file"
3. Check option "Import data..."
4. Fill "Account" and "password" (usually account=system)
5.Select import mapping "sd_lang"
6. Press button "Start"
7. Import will be completed in several minutes. During the process of importing may occur A LOT OF warnings. Dont mention it.

Yes. Dont forget to make DB Backup before importing.