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Exception in JAVA program with SD

Alberto Ocana
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Exception in JAVA program with SD


I´m making a JAVA application that populates a DB with SD data.

I have two problems: Sometimes i have an Out of memory Exception. In every step of the loop i have memory leaks. Why?

Sometimes I have this Exception: Excepción: Failed reading response from the server.
Nested exception is: Unable to deserialize an object (com.hp.ifc.types.ApiAttributeValues).

Anyone could help me?

I´m just attaching my code.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Exception in JAVA program with SD


Probably you have to increase memory utilization for jvm go to control panel -> java plugin, the modify runtime parameters in advanced tab, you should insert -Xms and -Xmx value (example -Xms128m -Xmx256m)
where Xms is memory allocation at startup for jvm and Xmx is the max, if Xmx is too big the Xms you could have problem.
If you run java script from console by smart action, you have to:

1. stop application server (ovc -stop)
2. modify C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\data\Conf\ctrl\ovobs.xml increasing Xmx paramaters, best is make -Xms and -Xmx with same value.
3. restart application server (ovc -start)
you can verifiy memory increasing with "server monitor" at Performance tab.

hope this help you.