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Excel export not all values

Christian Staub

Excel export not all values

I have a view of changes with two CI attached to the changes, and I'd like to export the status of these CI in this view. In the view I see the CI status, but as soon as I export to excel, the status is gone. Also happens with csv, tsv or word. In this view there are about 1500 changes.

Anyone had this problem and knows a solution?

SD 4.5 SP17
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Re: Excel export not all values

Hello Christian,
the problem I encountred was trying to export some views in excel format and my excel was empty.

So I tried Export Wizard > To the web > Type: HTML; XSL Style Sheet: Bordered Table > [Location] > Finish, and all the data was displayed.

Select all and copy to Excel.

So have a try wiht the HTML to see if the CI Status field appears correctly. ;o)

Hope this helps,
Peter Dent
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Re: Excel export not all values


Another way would be to right click the view, choose Report Type. Right click again and sekect Print Preview...

Then from the print preveiw window, choose Publish and select a location....

Then simply open the HTML file with Excel.