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Error in DB rule

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Durga Srinivas
Respected Contributor.

Error in DB rule

We have the following scenario

We have OVSD with SP8 installed and integrated with OVO. The naming conventions used in OVSD and OVO are
different due to some restrictions.

For example a Managed node name will be created as "NODE-1" in OVO but it will be created as "CI-1" in OVSD. When
OVO sends an alarm an "NODE-1" it needs to be mapped to "CI-1" in OVSD. For which we are trying to do the following

1) Create a text field for Configuration Item ( "CI-1" in this example) as "OVO Name" which contains the value "NODE-1".
2) Created a text field for incident with name as "OVO name".
3) Changed the import mapping external_event to map ci to "OVO Name" field for incident.
4) Created a DB rule (that executes on incident creation ) in which we have a condition
"if OVO Name field for incident is not empty "
execute the update data action that sets
the Configuration Item Name as "Node-1" so that the configuration Item Searchcode will be set as "CI-1" for that incident.

But we are observing the following null pointer exception during the DB rule execution and Configuration Item Name for Incident is not set with value as "Node-1".

Tue, 07/03/2006 14:13:54 RuleManager Error:Updatejava.lang.NullPointerException
at com.hp.ifc.ev.rules.AppExecuteDataUpdate.update(Unknown Source)
at com.hp.ifc.ev.rules.AppExecuteDataUpdate.execute(Unknown Source)
at com.hp.ifc.ev.dbrules.AppDBRuleManager.runActions(
at com.hp.ifc.ev.dbrules.AppDBRuleManager.handleEvent(
at com.hp.ifc.ev.dbrules.AppDBRuleManager.handleEvent(
at Source)
at Source)

Can you please let us know whether something is wrong with our approach and also with DB rule.

This is quite urgent as we are struck SD to OVO intgeration at our customer site.Please provide any handful information.

Thanks in Advance

Ganesha Sridhar
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Error in DB rule

Hello Srini,

Let me put my understanding on your post.
In your solution you are using "OVO name" to reslove the CI in the Incident creation.

The solution for this is:
The DB rule is not required to set the CI-search code in the Incident. It can be done with the usage of "OVO name" in the import mapping (external_event).

Please see the attachment.


Ganesha Sridhara