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Error importing data from Excel sheet

Fady Bassyouni
Regular Collector

Error importing data from Excel sheet

Hi all,
I am trying to import users data into sd 5 from an excel sheet, i keep receiving this error message:

Command: "C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\nonOV\jre\1.
4\bin\javaw" -jar "C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\java\obs-
launcher.jar" "C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\java\OvObsExporter.
jar" -f "F:\exchange\USERS\USER.ini" -x "F:\exchange\USERS\xml\USER.
Exited code: 1


* Object Server EXPORTER


* Hewlett Packard OpenView


Classes to proces:


Using log file 'F:\exchange\USERS\log\USER.


Section [CLASSUSER]: Error in processing
SQL statement [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Too few
parameters. Expected 1.

I tried several ideas to fix the problem but didn't work.
attached is a copy of the exchange configuratin (.ini) file, the excel sheet,log file and the attributes mapping.

i welcome any suggestions that can help solving this error.

Nathan Brand
Super Collector

Re: Error importing data from Excel sheet

You probably missed one of the required fields. after finding which Give it an initial value or pass it in your query.

Ramaprasad N
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Error importing data from Excel sheet

I don't have much experience with SD 5, but this too few parameters error is due to the problem with the configuration file. Make sure that the number of columns exported and the attributes imported are the same. Usually a syntax error will cause such issues (missing braces, comma, etc).

Fady Bassyouni
Regular Collector

Re: Error importing data from Excel sheet

the problem is partially solved !!
i am able to import users into system now here is what i did:
in my excel sheet i had 4 columns for the person attributes >> "Name", "First Name", "Middle Name" and "Last Name". I removed the three last columns and kept the "Name" only and the importing is done.
but now i don't know why was this making a problem, i want to add the name details too, how can i do it ??
I know that the "Name" attribute consists of the three other attributes (first,middle and last name) is this the reason for the conflict ?

any workarounds or advice ?

Fady Bassyouni
Regular Collector

Re: Error importing data from Excel sheet

I need to import persons' data from an excel sheet, i am having a problem with data such as >> FirstName/LastName/MiddleName (i can only load the "Name" attribute)
such as also >>> TelephoneNumber/EmailAddress (which belong to the contact details section)

the above data do not import into the system !

is there a special way for importing them?
is it something related to classes
or the exchange configuration file ??

thanks in advance.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event