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Error Message when creating new service call!

Yousef Jamous
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Error Message when creating new service call!

I've been trying to create different set or priorities for a different group of users (since they require separate set of resolution times). I did this fine.
Now, I wanted to set UI rule to limit the priorities. Following is the rule I used:
After existing item has been opened
OR After new item has been opened
OR When a value has changed
where Service Domain (*) equals FS
FS-Limit Priority (Limit field value range) Priority equals FS-Emergency;FS-Urgent;FS-Routine;FS-Normal;

Now, the problem I'm facing is that when I create a new service call, and I insert the caller information, I get the following message:

You are not allowed to view this priority or this may have been deleted by another user.

I didn't delete any priority. Or let me be more accurate, I deleted one priority that was not used there and created them again! If this is the reason, how to fix it?
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Re: Error Message when creating new service call!


What is the value of the fields "Service Domain" and "Priority" on the template?

Could it be that the template is filling these fields and then is trying to use a Priority not in the limited range?

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager