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Enhancing the LIST ServiceCall Email Template

Marty Brown_1
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Enhancing the LIST ServiceCall Email Template

Okay, this is my 3rd and final question of the day (I've been saving these up... :-) )

Chapter 10 of the SD 4.5 Admin Guide talks about how Email Templates work for managing INBOUND emails into Service Desk for getting ServiceCall tickets created.

There is an email template called LIST which when exercised will send the requester an email that shows all of the ServiceCall Tickets that are currently OPEN under that user's email address.

I am wondering if anybody knows of way that one could in a similar way get a list of all CLOSED ServiceCall tickets for the user's email address.

Also, in the LIST template, there is a variable "[?]", which the manual on page 237 indicates is 'hard coded'. Does anybody know how one could get around that?

Example: for the LIST template, I would want to show not only the Ticket number and the Description field as is currently provided, but also other things like the Status or the creation date, etc for the ServiceCalls.

A screen shot of the LIST template is attached...

Any ideas?


George M. Meneg
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Re: Enhancing the LIST ServiceCall Email Template

Hello Marty,

Maybe it is possible to alter the layout of the "LIST" command but I don't think that is possible to alter the contents.

I think that the only way is to implement the functionality yourself using external application.
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