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Email to parent workgroup does not work

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Email to parent workgroup does not work

I am using OVSD 5.0 SP1. I created a database rule for an external email notification. I have four workgroups in the CMDB. They are:


The PUBLIC is a parent workgroup. The other three are child workgroup that are related to the PUBLIC. When a ticket is assigned to anyone of those 3 child workgroup, my customer wants to show the parent workgroup's primary email address and phone number.

In the Message field of database rule, I defined it as :

Please contact [Folder] Server Desk center at [Assignment;To Workgroup;Parent Workgroup;Primary Telephone Number] or email at [Assignment;To Workgroup;Parent Workgroup;Primary E-Mail Address].

I got notification email when the ticket is assigned to a child workgroup. The [Folder] attribute works, but not the [Assignement to Workgroup;Parent Workgroup] attribute. I do not get the primary workgroup's email address and phone number. The email message shows the same attribute message.

Does anyone come across this issue?? What is the proper way to show the primary workgroup's info?
Eric Ung
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Re: Email to parent workgroup does not work

I've tested your scenario in SD4.5 SP17 and it worked as programmed (assumed it'll also work in SD5).
I used 2 custom fields in the workgroup table to store the Phone Number (Text40) and Email (Text40). (see attached)
This is the DB Rule -
When service call is created
Send Email to Parent Workgroup (Send e-mail message) , Send to:, Subject: New Service Call, Message: Folder - [Folder]
Parent WG Ph Number - [Assignment;To workgroup;Parent;WG Phone Number]
Parent WG Email - [Assignment;To workgroup;Parent;WG Email Address], Attachment Classification:

Hope this helps.
David Borojevic
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Re: Email to parent workgroup does not work

Hi Danny,

Your logic looks fine. We are not on SD5 yet but you could try removing the Primary Telephone and primary Email and just put a simple attribute (name) from the workgroup and parent workgroup and see if that works first.