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Email to Ticket SD

Partha Maji
Trusted Contributor.

Email to Ticket SD

I want to send an Email to OVSD, which will create a call\ticket in Sd. To enable this what are the steps to be done? What account need to be created?SP:APPL. Can anyone help me by directing some documentation on the same?

Saurabh Dubey
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Email to Ticket SD

Hi Parth,

There are two places you should look.

1. The SD Administration Manual has clear information regarding this.

2. You can check out this link given by Ashly.


It has information on how to configure and how to troubleshoot.

If you have any more difficulties, you can post back on the forum.

Hope this helps...


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Ashly A K
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Re: Email to Ticket SD


Hope the publisked documnet helped you. Please do feel free to post back, if you need any help

Saurabh, Thanks for mentioning about my little web site :)