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Email Notifications

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Email Notifications

Hi All

I am trying to configure email notifications within Service Desk 4.5 to send out alerts.

The basic function is as follows:

If priority = 1, send out an email alert 10 minutes after the case has been created/modified.

So if the case is created and untouched for 10 minutes an alert should generate. however, if the case is updated within that 10 minutes, the timer should restart and then generate that same notification 10 minutes after that modification time.

I want to have 3 alerts - 10minutes, 20minutes and 30minutes after the point of creation/modification so that if the case is untouched for 10 minutes, 1 alert goes out, then an additional 10 minutes would send out a higher priority alert, and then an additional 10 minutes on top of that would send the highest priority alert. But if it is updated the timer restarts, and we go back to alert 1.

I know it sounds a little confusing.. i hope someone can help with this!!
Ivan Sakharov
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Re: Email Notifications

I think that you must experiment with DB rules and shedule with additional custom field. I excuse for any errors but I havent SD right now.
My idea:
1. create custom numeric field "SCNum" = 0 by default (set it to "0" in default template of SC - Service Call)
2. make DB rule:
after SC created or modified
if [registration;modified](*) is any value shedule the vialation of this field after 10 min [registration;modified]
and Status is not Closed
and SCNum=0
then Alert1 is coming
and set SCNum=1
3. make DB rule:
after SC created or modified
if [registration;modified](*) is any value the vialation of this field after 20 min [registration;modified]
and Status is not Closed
and SCNum=1
then Alert2 is coming
and set SCNum=2
4. make DB rule:
after SC created or modified
if [registration;modified](*) is any value the vialation of this field after 30 min [registration;modified]
and Status is not Closed
and SCNum=2
then Alert3 is coming
5. Make UI rule
Before SC is saved
set SCNum=0 - this will restart our DB rules after modification of SC and dont let the previous sheduled DB rules to execute.
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Re: Email Notifications

Thanks for the reply!

The thing is i have something like this setup in place. I have actual start time in a UI rule that changes to the current time when i save a case. so that is kind of like the scnum function you use. In my database rules, i have everything in relation to actual start time.

The problem is, when the case is created or modified, it starts the escalation process. If you update the case in that time, it doesnt cancel the previous escalation process, it just starts a new one from that point.

So you end up having multiple escalations running in parallel. and at the end you get multiple email notifications!!!

I have a feeling a script may be involved so it can cancel the previous alerts through if and else statements...but im not too good at scripting! lol i am trying to see if i can do this without a script and through Service Desk!