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E-mail links in URL format?

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Michael Gregor
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E-mail links in URL format?

Is it possible to convert links in e-mails to URL-format? I have a link in a notification e-mail rule that looks like this:

And the resulting e-mail link looks like this: 17:03

Which means it is missing %20 between 2007-09-26 and 17:03 to show correctly as a link.

Does anyone have a solutuon for this?

In Smart action rules there is a checkbox to "Convert fields in parameters to URL format" that solves this problem but I cannot see that it's possible in UI-rules.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: E-mail links in URL format?

Hi Michael,

It's possible but with a workaround, I created this UI rule.

When a value has changed
where Status (*) equals Waiting
set solution (Update Data) Solution set to [Registration Created],
url (Update Data) Workaround set to (Concatenate http://$APPLICATIONSERVER$:8080/sd-sp45/email/NTNU/NTNU_ViewCall.jsp?ID= With (Concatenate [ID] With (Concatenate &rc= With (Substitute for [Solution] With %20))))

I used Solution to store the Registration Created but you can use any text field and than copy the value and replace the space with %20. So this part should read "Substitute for [Solution] space With %20"

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Michael Gregor
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Re: E-mail links in URL format?

Wow! Thanks Mark!