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Dynamic Form queries

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Pritam Majumder
Respected Contributor.

Dynamic Form queries

Hi All
Can any one help me to understand the dynamic form in SP17 above. I have gone throught the pdf. I am confused at the section where it says to create a new generic relation type. I am not able lto understand the "From Item" and "To Item" things. Also not clear about the "Add" thing at the right hand.

Can any one help me out?
George M. Meneg
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Re: Dynamic Form queries

Hello Pritam,

Dynamic forms are introduced on SP18. You cannot create dynamic forms using SP17.

The generic relations works like that: You relate an entity (From Item) to another entity (To Item). An entity is generally a set of predefined values as opposed to a number/date/string field that are "free type" values. So an entity is a template, a code, a service call, a form etc.

This is the idea of generic relations. You related values between entities.

Imagine that you would like to limit service call classification based on the service. Prior to SP17 we must create as many ui rules as services, in order to limit each service to a specific range of classifications.
Generic relations solve this problem!

For example a let's define a generic relation between service and service call classification.

As from item we select service. As to item we select "service call classification". Now pressing add, a panel will open. At the "from" you can select a service. At the "to" you select a service call classification. After you've done there is a relation between a specific service and a specific classification. You repeat this for every service and classification you want to relate.

Now instead of creating a great number of ui rules, you've created generic relations between service and classification. In just one UI rule you can limit the classification range given the service.

In SP18 or later dynamic forms work like this. You relate an entity (template/code etc) to a specific form. Now using ui rule when the "from" has a desired value (for example CI category) at a marker you can insert the subform that is related through generic relations with CI category.
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Pritam Majumder
Respected Contributor.

Re: Dynamic Form queries

Thanks a lot for making this thing clear.
I am able to test now.