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Downoad Web API - [ web-api.jar ]

Michael Hamelra
Occasional Contributor

Downoad Web API - [ web-api.jar ]

I am starting to work with HP OVSD Web API … It’s my understanding I need to download the appropriate [ web-api.jar ] based on knowing the service pack version of OVSD. I am using OVSD 4.5 SP17. I realize that [ web-api.jar ] comes on the OVSD installed CD which I do not have.

Could someone me locate web-api.jar - Web API …maybe a URL

I work for HP can NOT locate the [web-api.jar]
All I have is OVSD Client on my pc that connects to OVSD CAT

P.S Also trying to locate a [OVSD Demo database] to be utilized with pre-testing of the Web-API


Thanks in advance

Honored Contributor

Re: Downoad Web API - [ web-api.jar ]


the web-api.jar file as you already know depends on the service pack you are using... in this case, you may not find the jar file with the SD installation CD, but within the service pack instalaltion bits.

Download SP17, extract the files, and within it you can find a directory called 'api', here is where web-api.jar file is located, as well some examples and documentation.

Reagrindg demo DB, you can install a test environment, and run the DB configuration wizard, it will ask you to install demo data.

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager
Stephen More
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Downoad Web API - [ web-api.jar ]

I too am interested in the web-api.jar
Where can one download the ServicePacks ?
The Pike
Honored Contributor

Re: Downoad Web API - [ web-api.jar ]

The patches site:

Points are welcome.

The Pike
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