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Disappearing History field when Attachment Auditing is on

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Disappearing History field when Attachment Auditing is on

Hi all,

We have upgraded from OVSD SP17 - SP24. During the process we have experienced behaviour that only occurs when we have the new Attachment Auditing functionality turned on.

We are seeing instances where a user will open a service call and press f5 to refresh the record (before or after saving the record).

When they do this, the History field will disappear.

This doesn't occur for roles with full rights to Service Call items, but we encounter the problem with roles for which we have restricted rights to Service Call.

These roles have been granted rights to view service calls including view and new rights to the History line at their customer folder level. I have found that when I modify the view item details in the service call parent to grant view when assigned to user's workgroup and history line view, they do not experience the disappearing history field when refreshing a service call. The user DOES however gain view rights to calls in customer folders to which they don't belong.

We would like to turn on attachment auditing, but this permissions error is a showstopper for us.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Disappearing History field when Attachment Auditing is on

So does anyone else use Attachment Auditing in an environment with multiple customer folders?