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Different Reply Addresses in SD

Omer Uyar
Occasional Contributor

Different Reply Addresses in SD

Dear All,

We use OV SD 4.5 with SP19. We have few different teams that are sharing 1 SD platform. I have several DB rules that send e-mails in case of opening, modifying, closing, approving calls. In that cases SD sends the e-mail with from one e-mail address. I' ve checked the general options in the management console and saw that we can use one e-mail adress for From and Reply-To field. I want to customize Reply-To address with the assigned teams mail address for each service calls. Thanks a lot in advance.
George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Different Reply Addresses in SD

Hello Omer,

Unfortunately you can't customize Reply-To. The address defined in e-mail settings is always used.
menes fhtagn
David Borojevic
Frequent Visitor

Re: Different Reply Addresses in SD

George is correct, only one outgoing is possible. But the reply-to address can be different to the from address. This is good practice as you can make the from address NOT match an incoming address and this will prevent loops with things such as Out of Office assistant messages as these will be sent to the "from" address. When a user does a reply it will go to the reply-to address and so that must match to an incoming email address for updates to work.

We have the address of an exchange email enabled public folder as the from address and we have an address we have set as a Service Desk incoming address as the reply-to address.

Hope that isn't confusing?

Note that you can have many incoming addresses defined which use different templates, but all the outgoing will use the same From and Reply-To.
Omer Uyar
Occasional Contributor

Re: Different Reply Addresses in SD

Thanks all. It seems that it is not different as I know. I plan to use some external codes for this issue. I will close the thread with explaining how I did it after developing some codes for that.
Omer Uyar
Occasional Contributor

Re: Different Reply Addresses in SD

* I will use a mail address for from and reply to address ike "".

* I will use a custom field named ReplyToAddress to identify an e-mail address for each workgroup.

* For e-mail rules, i will attach a line to end of the message body like "Please click mailto:[Assigned Workgroup;ReplyToAddress] to reply this message.

Best Regards,

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event