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Deletion of CI Status

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Deletion of CI Status

Hi All,

I work on SD 4.5 with SP4.

I want to delete a CI status permanently. I have unrelated all CIs with this status. But when I delete the same, SD hangs. I was able to delete other CIs.

Can anybody help me with this.

Saurabh Dubey
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Re: Deletion of CI Status

Hi Harini,

Why do you want to delete the status? Why don't you just block it??
In case you want to delete it, and there is no option for it, use system admin access, go to admin console and delete it. If the system hangs, try checking the DB for inconsistancy or try to clear the cache before doing so.

Hope this helps...



PS: It's always better to block the system created options, incase you don't want them.
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Robert S. Falko
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Re: Deletion of CI Status


There are conceivably many other places that a given status could be referenced, other than in a CI. Examples - templates, DB rules, UI rules, etc.

Have you made sure that all other references have been deleted?

Marc Hummel
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Re: Deletion of CI Status

I suggest you go with the first suggestion and get in the habbit of blocking rather than deletion. Much more simple solution.
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Ruth Porter
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Re: Deletion of CI Status

Hi there,

I would agree - blocking is best. When I block something I also usually rename it; for example by prefixing with "ZDO NOT USE"

Hope this helps