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Deleted ticket in OVSD 5.1

Theron Greenawa
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Deleted ticket in OVSD 5.1

Hello i am using OVSD 5.1 SP6 / SQL2K5.

We recently noticed that a ticket is no longer in the system. A user logged a new ticket changed the status to closed tried to save and then a error message appreard saying they cannot view the ticket or it was deleted. Performing a search on the ticket returns no results.

The details are: The user opened a ticket and entered information; the user then saved the ticket; status = closed but only saved (not save and close or save and new) so the ticket remained open on her screen. The user then made some changes and when trying to resave the error appeared. The user clicked ok to get rid of the error and tried again but the same error appeared. Eventually the user clicked file close and the ticket closed. And as previously mentioned the ticket no longer appears to be in OVSD.

We have the system locked down fairly good and only 3 people can delete tickets and of course all of them say they didn't delete the ticket.

does anyone have an explanation as to what might have happened and is there some way i can see what happened to the ticket (what user deleted it) does the system track deleted tickets in a log somewhere?
The Pike
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Re: Deleted ticket in OVSD 5.1


I'm not very familiar with SD5.10. In SD4.5 there's Enhanced Auditing which can track item deletion in the Admin Console Audit Log. Of course, if you set it up now you cannot expect that the Audit Log be populated retroactively. <<-- Points welcome!

As for your problem, is the record in the database?

Do users open tickets from the SD client or do they use Service Pages or an external system? Also, is there any web-api integration that extends the normal workflow of the client to create the ticket?