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Delays in Relating a large number of CIs to a WorkOrder

Marty Brown_1
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Delays in Relating a large number of CIs to a WorkOrder

Hi All: Here's a puzzler that I hope somebody will have some advice for me with...

From time to time, we have the desire to relate a very large number of CI's to a single work order.

An example situation would be when we perform OS patching on our servers, we do the work in 'batches' and create a Work order for each 'batch' of servers. We would want to relate the specific Server CIs to the appropriate Work Order to keep track of what servers are scheduled to be patched when, and historically what servers were upgraded when.

There doesn't seem to be a system limit on the number of CIs that can be related to a WorkOrder or anything, but what happens is that it just takes a long time to add them. The more CIs you have related to a WorkOrder, the longer it takes to add even One More.

Example: Today, in a test mode, I was able to successfully add 2,022 CIs to a WorkOrder, but I ran this directly on a Server, which is located on the same fast Network segment along with the database. Even with those exceptional conditions, it took over THREE HOURS for the screen to return to me.

Once it did return control to me, I then added One More CI to the list. Adding the 1 extra CI took about 30 seconds...

So, It appears as though the time it takes to add each additional CI gets exponentially Worse, the longer the list of already-related CIs gets...

This is likely related to sorting/editing logic that is taking place in the Client GUI for that list of related CIs on the WO. The longer the list of Related CI's gets, the longer this editing/sorting takes to get through each time a new CI is added, etc. This is my hunch, anyway...

Does anybody have any ideas for how to work around this issue? How else could we relate huge numbers of CIs to a single work order without it taking Hours to do?

Points for any and all ideas! Thanks!

Vasily Kamenev
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Re: Delays in Relating a large number of CIs to a WorkOrder

Hi Marty.
I'm don't know how increase perfomence of Client for SD only as set more quickest CPU on PC,I did the same test: take 2000 CI in one WO That take ~15 min for relation set and for saving this WO ~4min, my Pc: 2.8 GHz, but in SP 17 I found one info(itsm008088), perhaps that need for you for solve this problem. Download this SP and read this doc.

Robert S. Falko
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Re: Delays in Relating a large number of CIs to a WorkOrder


I wonder if each time a CI is added to a work order, there is a check to see if that CI has already been added. So, the time it would take to add a CI is in direct relation to the number of CIs already added.

Does it make any difference if you periodically save the Work Order ?

Just guessing,