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Delaying calls to ‘normal’ business hours.

Meine de Vries
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Delaying calls to ‘normal’ business hours.

Currently our site has 24/7 operations and all incidents (and Service calls) are handled immediately. This means that as soon as an incident is created a persons/group is paged to handle the call. This is all done by using DB rules.

We now want some of the incidents not to be handled immediately but be delayed to ‘normal’ business hours.

I have noticed that there are time zones you can define at several levels, eg Organization, Workgroup, CI, and probably some more. Also I found that at the Service level agreement you can specify some time related issues such as ‘Applied time Zone’ being the receiver or the provider.

All this leads me to believe that there is some sort of mechanism in SD that would provide some sort of control in handling incidents depending on the ‘current’ date/time.
However I can not find anything in the documentation that explains on how to do something like this using DB rules.

I have been thinking of entering all incidents in status ‘Delayed to normal hours’ (which in our case prevents paging) and having a user program, using the WebApi, running every minute or so and checking the different time zones regarding these incidents and then setting the ones that qualify to ‘Registered’ status (this in our case starts the paging process), but this seems somehow the wrong way to approach this.

Does anyone has any experience in doing this or knows where to find any documentation regarding this. The online help, User’s Guide, or Administrator’s Guide do not give me a clue as to how to approach this.

Thanks, Meine
Meine de Vries
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Re: Delaying calls to ‘normal’ business hours.

Also in relation to this question I would like to know what the "Use support hours" check box on the DB rule wizard form does.

The manual states:

If you selected the Schedule the validation of this condition at: check box and are creating a database rule for a service call or an incident, the Use support hours check box will be available. Select this check box if you want the timed condition to take support hours listed for the applicable SLA into account. If the check box is clear, support hours will not be considered and the scheduled execution of the action will be based upon a 24-hour clock.

But what is that supposed to mean? Exactly how are these 'support hours' taken into account.

Thanks, Meine
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Re: Delaying calls to ‘normal’ business hours.

Ruth Porter
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Re: Delaying calls to ‘normal’ business hours.

Hi Meine,

The "Use support hours" box in scheuled tasks on DB rules allows you to say "check this condition only during the support hours used by this SC"

For example, suppose your support hours are 0800-1800 and a call has a deadline of 0830 tomorrow. If you have a DB rule which says:

When SC creted/modified,
1.Deadline(*) is not empty,
2.Status is not closed or resolved, Schedule 1 hour before Deadline
Action: email someone

If condition 2 does NOT have the "Use support hours" box selected, the email will go at 0730 tomorrow, if it does have it selected, it will go at 1730 this evening.

If this is not what you are asking, can you say please what version you are using and whether you have the SLM module?

Hope this helps, Ruth
Meine de Vries
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Re: Delaying calls to ‘normal’ business hours.

First we are using SD4.5 SP 22, and yes we do have the SLM module

I assume you can use all sort of date/time fields in the comparison (other than 'deadline').

It is slowly getting a little clearer to me.

However now its the support hours, the only place I can seen some support hours mentioned is at the workgroup level which seems puzzling. Why do you need SLM for specific 'opening hours' when they are defined at workgroup level.
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Re: Delaying calls to ‘normal’ business hours.

Hmmm... how exactly does this "use business hours" work.

If I have a 10 hour day defined, and I want a rule to make the Deadline 3 days away on an Urgency 4, do I make a rule saying "when urgency 4, add 30 hours to actual start date, USING BUSINESS HOURS"?