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Deadline Calculation with WorkGroup's Support Hours

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Deadline Calculation with WorkGroup's Support Hours

Hi all,

I have configured Support Hours in Workgroup for what i'm expected servicedesk to do, explained above.

When I open a service call, I have a Deadline field automatically fullfilled based, i think, on service-level (default bronze 8x5) and priority plus impact fields. However, i imagine that, if i assign the call to a workgroup (whose working hour is different from bronze 8x5) i expect deadline is changed automatically. I'm wrong? In serviceDesk this situation not happens as i thinked before. Has someone encountered the same problem before? I do not want to use some sor of workaround as UIrules or whatever else, because at this point is not clear the meaning of check box button in SystemPanel concerning the "Planned Time Calculation Uses: Opening Hours Calendar Of Assigment Workgroup for All Items"

thanks in advance.

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Re: Deadline Calculation with WorkGroup's Support Hours


There is an "Applied Calendar" associated with Work Groups in SD 4.5. I would check that this has been set up with various valid values and associated with different Work Groups appropriately.

If something like 24x7 is the only value, my experience is that SD thinks the group is always working.

I experienced this in figuring out Predecessor/Successor set up but my understanding is that the Applied Calendar is what you want to look at in this case.

Good Luck.
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Re: Deadline Calculation with WorkGroup's Support Hours

My understanding is that workgroup support hours are taken into account when calculating Planned Finish but do not affect Deadline. There is a checkbox to say whether WGSH should affect Planned Finish calculations from memory.