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Database Rule

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Mohammed Albust
Honored Contributor.

Database Rule


I'm trying to set a database rule for the modification of a deadline of a service call. It should send out an e-mail with the new deadline. anyone could help me with the criterion of that function? Because it sends out an email everytime any of the attributes is modified.

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Dan Ioan
Honored Contributor.

Re: Database Rule

When you create a DB rule the condition that will validate this rule is important. If you modify manually Deadline field, then the condition will be:
Deadline (*) is anything.
Don't forget to activate check box "Evaluate this rule when this field has been changed"!
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Marc Hummel
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Re: Database Rule

Dan is correct.

Then just set it up to email whomever you need to inform either via field selector or type in an email address to goto every time, say a manager...

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