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Database Configuration in SD 5.0

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Database Configuration in SD 5.0


Let us say I've used database user X while installing the management server. Post installation I want to use database user Y. How do I do this in SD 5.0?
In SD 4.5 we use to run the "Database Configuration Wizard" to achieve, I see the database configuration wizard missing 5.0 or is there any other alternative?

Please help.

Ruth Porter
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Re: Database Configuration in SD 5.0

Hi there,

The answer is NO. We (Fox IT) asked HP if there was a DBconfwizard and there is not and this means you cannot alter the database user. This is an issue for us as in 4.5 we could take copies of our customers databases to work on offsite if required and in 5.0 we cannot.

The only suggestion I have heard is to keep your existing DB, then reinstall SD and this time use a different DB user in the DB create; then you will have 2 databases each with a different user.

We have logged this with HP and we hope it will be sorted out and I would suggest you log it as a bug too as the more that ask for this to be resolved the better.


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Re: Database Configuration in SD 5.0

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for the information.
Its a serious concern to me as this feature is not available.
I will also log a call with HP.

Ruth, can you please let me know what is the use of Certificate Server in SD 5.0. I've read installation guide only and know that it is used for User Authentication.
Could you please give some more insight as to how it is used.

patrick gosseye1
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Re: Database Configuration in SD 5.0


If you want to copy a running database (from for example a customer) you can export them with the following instruction :

To export the running DB open a command prompt and run the command : ovobsconfig -export xxxfilename.xml
For more help on this command type ovobsconfig -help

To import this DB on another system see the document in attache.

Best regards,