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Database Backup

Peter Dent
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Database Backup

Yes, I know there are loads of post about backing up your database already. Well I've looked at most of them and none of them seem to answer my questions, so here goes....

Firstly let me say..

I can't use the native database backup tools because:
A) I'm not a database expert.
B) I don't have the access to the database.
C) We have a database guy in our org. whose job it is.

If I use the Backup Database option from db_confwizard - internal, it produces two files. One file holds the 'Data' the other file the 'system configuration'.

Can I restore only the 'system config' file to another database? Thereby transfering system changes from one database to another?
Robert S. Falko
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Re: Database Backup


What you want to do is what ACES is meant to do. The advantage of ACES over your method is that ACES will give you error messages and prevent an incoherent situation, should there be a problem of referential integrity. Your method is likely to lead to an incoherent situation that has no simple way of being corrected.

Peter Dent
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Database Backup

OK, I'll stick to using ACES then.