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Data transfer OVSD SP1 - OvsD SP 15

Eric P_2
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Data transfer OVSD SP1 - OvsD SP 15

Dear all,

I just finished preparing the new Machine for OVSD SP 15.

Now I need to transfer the datas from old machine to the new one.

Any suggestion how to do this ?
which guide should i follow?

i'm not sure to just backup the old machine database and restore it to the new database since i don't know whether it works or not to moving data from different machine and different Service Pack.

Thanks in advance.
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Data transfer OVSD SP1 - OvsD SP 15

Hi EP,

You have two options. You can either upgrade the existing OVSD SP1 system to OVSD SP15. This will not require any DB restore functionality.

If you want to keep both the system separate, then you have to restore the OVSD database from SP1 system to SP15 system. All the OVSD configuration will be stored in the OVSD database. If you transfer the OVSD DB, you will get all the OVSD configurations. However, you may have to transfer your Service Pages customizations seperately, as they won't be in the database.

For DB restore, you can use the DB built-in (default) backup-restore facilities. You can also try to use OVSD DB maintenance tasks (refer to Admin guide). But this is preffered only for test DBs, as per the document.

Michael Lutfi
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Re: Data transfer OVSD SP1 - OvsD SP 15

These are the steps you need to do to move from from one service pack to another regardless of whether you are moving from one machine to another:

2) Upgrade Server, Client
3) Upgrade Server DB using wizard...follow guide
4) Bring up Server and try to reconnect with the newly upgraded server from the upgraded client (Note: both client and server must be on same service pack)
5) Test, test, test and retest...........
6) If successful, then place the client service pack upgrade in a shared folder and place the address in the General Settings, URL of latest software version.
7) If not then restore DB and re-install old Service packs
8) If successful you will need to upgrade the service pages, agent and event.

NOTE: If you have any custom batch files that you call from the command line make sure they have the same path or else go change all the Business Logic that might call them....also if you have any specific rights like mail from the old machine then allow it on the new machine unless you are keeping the same domain name and IP...

GOOD Luck and plan plan plan and test test test your steps....

of course I am assuming you are doing all this on a test environment and not on the production server :)
Eric P_2
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Re: Data transfer OVSD SP1 - OvsD SP 15

Dear All,

Ok I'll test it first.

Btw about backup and restore, is it using -internal parameter when calling database configuration wizard right ?

and what kind of data actually that included in backup process when doing database backup? (rules, members, role, maintenance contract) ?

Thanks guys,