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Data Exchange...

Ryan Jenkins
Regular Collector

Data Exchange...

SD 4.5 SP 13, Oracle 9i
I've encountered something rather odd, and want to see if it's just me. Using a DataEx, no matter how many Uniques Keys I set, if the original record was not created by the ID which I'm using to do the DataEx, then a duplicate is created.

So say CI A has serial number 123, and was created by account "john".
If I do a DataEx using the serial number as a key, but do NOT use the "john" account I will end up with two CI's with the serial number 123.

Anybody else experiencing this?

Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Exchange...


No, I have not seen this behavior. We regularly do DataExchange using three different accounts.

However, when you say "no matter how many Uniques Keys I set" is the problem there? You should probably be keying on only one field, not several.

Ryan Jenkins
Regular Collector

Re: Data Exchange...

Unfortunately we cannot use a single key as certain pieces of Hardware have the same serial number, so we base most of the data exchanges on category and serial number.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event