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Data Exchange - update but don't create

Steve Liddle
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Data Exchange - update but don't create

I am wondering if it's possible to configure a data exchange task to update records if they exist but NOT create a new item if it doesn't exist.

What I am actually trying to do is mark staff members as blocked if they have left the organisation. I am being given a list of the ID of all of the staff members that have finished. Some of these staff members are HPSD users but most are not. I have a data exchange task that sets blocked to true if the user is in the list of finished staff. The problem is that it tries to create a new account for all of the people in the list who are not already users.

Is there a way to configure the data exchange to update if exists and do nothing if a record doesn't already exists?
Ken Briscoe
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Re: Data Exchange - update but don't create

Hi Steve,
The only easy way I know of is to make sure your data exchange input is missing a mandatory field. That way it will try to create but gets a data exchagne log error on each item it doesn't find.
That's a a pretty standard way of doing update only.
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