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Data Exchange; Phone Type

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Data Exchange; Phone Type

Hello All .
I have a service desk 4.5 Sp19 and i have a lot of Phone Numbers that i want to Load Data To Persons .
For Example i have a Phone Number, Cell Number, Fax Number and ...
I can see in the Data Exchange -> Import Mapping the Phone;Type Field and in the PhoneType Field i can choose the Type Of Tel for example Buisness , Fax and More ... and second field Phone;Number ...
a Question is :how can i laod all numbers in to Persons ?

Re: Data Exchange; Phone Type

Hi helmull,
in your import mapping you have to use person name, telephone number and telephone type as your key.

So you can connect uniquely telephone to person.

bye bye
David Borojevic
Frequent Visitor

Re: Data Exchange; Phone Type

And you will have to make sure the export puts each number in its own row (along with the type and person). ie:

Personxyz CellPhone 040404040...
Personxyz Telephone 62626262...
Person123 CellPhone 04040704...
Person123 Telephone 569565..


Personxyz 040404040 622626262
Person123 040404040 69696969

Alternatively you could arrange the different types into spearate classes (one for CellPhone, one for Telephone and one for FAX) and hardcode the type into the class.

Cheers - reply if this is not enough info.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event