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Data Exchange - ODBC: ErrorNumber 5000

Super Collector

Data Exchange - ODBC: ErrorNumber 5000


I was just experimenting getting another computer to run some Data Exchange tasks, so I copied the ini files from a laptop to the desktop, set up ODBC through Administrative Tools, and then tried to test it out.

Unfortunately every time I try to export the data it comes back with the fatal error:
"Could not get DB Connection to jdbc:odbc:, user:"

The annoying thing is that it stopped working on the laptop as well, which performed a data import successfully just yesterday. I've looked through the ini file and found nothing was changed. The Import mapping on the laptop didn't have anything wrong either.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Super Collector

Re: Data Exchange - ODBC: ErrorNumber 5000

Found the problem: I have to keep the Excel file open at all times when performing a data exchange. I generally edit the data before a real import which is probably why I thought it was a non-issue whether the excel file was active or not. Oh well, future reference for everyone :)
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event