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Data Exchange Log Parsing

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Data Exchange Log Parsing

I hope this is the correct forum for this question. I am using Service Desk 4.5 and Data Exchange. We are using BizTalk to integrate Service Desk with other applications. We do this by executing Data Exchange from the command line (sd_exchange.bat, sd_import.bat). Everything works great except we get very little feedback to determine a successful completion without parsing the log files that are produced by Data Exchange.

Does anyone know of documentation or an existing application that could make parsing these log files easier? This is especially difficult because the log files don't seem to have a well-defined structure. With enough trial and error, I'm sure we can figure it out, but can anyone help?

Thank you,
David Borojevic
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Re: Data Exchange Log Parsing

Hi Jeff,

Yes you are in the right forum for the question.

The presence of an _error.log file is worthy of analysis. This lists "errors" - just those records that failed to load for some reason. But warnings will not be in this file. You probably have noticed that a "warning" in the log file relates to a record that was created OK but a field in the record had an issue.

I use a vb script to launch our export/import and it emails the last 10 lines of the export and import log files when it is complete. The last 10 lines includes the number of errors and warnings.
Hope that provides some ideas. Let me know if you are interested in the script?

Jasper Verweij
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Re: Data Exchange Log Parsing

Jeff, David and others,

this is requested a lot and I had always the idea to build something for it. I wanted to trial and error the following component icw ANT (

Unfortunately I never found time to build a prototype...