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Frank Pate1
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Daily detailed

I am using HP OV SD 4.5 SP15 and was trying to figure out how to get a detailed workload of who worked on what service desk tickets from what workgroup. Do you a methd of retrieving this information from the service desk tool?
Tim Schmitt_4
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Re: Daily detailed

This kind of information can be very difficult to retrieve because people can be members of multiple workgroups and when a person edits a service call, on which workgroup's behalf were the edits made? Service Desk really only stores who made the edits and does not store on which workgroup's behalf the edits were made.

You could probably add a field called "edited by workgroup" and force the use to choose the name of the workgroup he/she is representing when editing the call but this introduces other complexities like what to do when there are multiple edits. I'm imagining that you probably want an automatic way to gather the information.

If the information is required, the simplest solution is only allow people to be members of single workgroups. That way, a specific person is always representing a particular workgroup when editing an item.

You might also be able to fulfill the request using a different field that has a one to one relationship with a person, such as organization or manager.