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DST 1 hour missing

Regular Collector

DST 1 hour missing

Amsterdam, UTC+01:00 DST
HP OVSD 5.0 (no patches)
Solaris DB
Java ver. build 1.4.2_08-b03

it seems that mail (since DST) is bweing send from SD 1 hour in the future.

Does SD keeps the Amsterdam DST in min, is there anybody who recognizes this problem. Something with JAVA ?

I'm not a USA but Amsterdam user !!!

Re: DST 1 hour missing

Did you apply the Sun java tzupdater to the JVM? The tzupdater updates the timezones for the most recent (2007) changes that were not originally part of the 1.4.2 release. Seach Sun's website for tzupdater and read the instructions. Good luck
Regular Collector

Re: DST 1 hour missing

No we did not,
But i'm in the European Amsterdam time zone. it neccesary to perform the tzupdater ?

Also there is QXCR1000341843 that tells me that 5.10 p 3 solves this problem. Is that true.

Is the tzupdater essential for a Amsterdam/European timezone ?
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