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DB rule - not triggered by change

Super Collector

DB rule - not triggered by change

I set the db rule to trigger action on ServiceCall creation or modification. Action is indeed triggered when creating a call, but it is not triggered when modification is made (say editing of Information field)
SD45 SP13 Win2003
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: DB rule - not triggered by change

Can you post the rule to the forum please.

Are the fields being set by the DB rule causing mandatory fields to be required?
Super Collector

Re: DB rule - not triggered by change

When service call is created or modified
where NOT (Entered by person;Organization (*) equals MyComp)
mail me (Pošalji e-mail poruku) , Send to:, Subject: ServiceDesk [ID], Message: [Caller;Organization;Name 1]
[Caller;Telephone number]

Again, it works when call is created, and when modified (added Information text f.e.) it does not work
Gerry Allardice
Honored Contributor

Re: DB rule - not triggered by change

This rule would only be triggered if the Organisation is changed for an update. You need to add in fields which when changed will trigger an update. eg. extra conditions like.

NOT Description is Empty(*)
NOT Status is Empty(*)

The (*) indicates these fields can be a triggering condition.An email would be sent each time these are changed.

For rules you need to consider the triggering conditions (those with the checkbox set which shows with and asterix *) and those which provide addition conditions but when changed do not act as a trigger.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event